Kathy’s Real Joy Program

  • Do you feel at times that you are just “Going Through the Motions”?
  • Do you feel that you have a “good” life, but wondering why you aren’t happier?
  • Do you feel BLAH or STUCK in any area of your life?
  • Are you a busy mom who is overwhelmed, over-scheduled and feel that maybe you have lost the Real YOU because you are pulled in so many directions?

If you answer YES to any of the above….I have THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!!!

Are You Interested In These Results??

  • Learning easy & fun tools to increase your Real Joy NOW on a daily basis!
  • Increasing your productivity for things that matter to YOU;
  • Being supported in an amazing community of other like minded women;
  • Gaining more confidence in yourself and trusting your intuition;
  • Improving even your most difficult relationships by learning and practicing easy tools

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Why Do This With Me?

  • I am a Certified Life Coach, through Martha Beck, a.k.a,, “Oprah’s Life Coach.” I LOVE helping people create what they would LOVE in their life…while getting happier right NOW while doing it!
  • I am a Work in Progress Mom, and I have over 20 years of professional experience in the workforce, (as an attorney who has worked in leadership positions in a few organizations and as a small business real estate entrepreneur).
  • In addition to my professional coaching training, I have participated in many courses in transformational growth work. I bring this knowledge and experience to all the work we do together as a group.
  • Through the tools and training I teach, I have transformed my own professional and personal life and have helped my clients transform their lives.

Schedule A Free Mini Session With Me to Learn More And To See If We Are A Good Fit? Yes!

Happy Clients Have Said:

  • Kathy helped me to realize my true passion, and gave me the confidence I needed to start my own business. I am now doing something I love to do for the first time in my life.
    – Anne H., Elder Care Consultant
  • Through Kathy’s work, I made significant changes to my work and personal life that improved my productivity, happiness and personal sense of being centered and balanced. – Marie H.
  • Kathy’s combination of empathy, experience, and insight have greatly improved both my career and my personal relationships. – Lara Cleary, Attorney and Partner
  • Kathy has been enormously helpful to me as a mentor and has helped guide me in the right direction towards my professional and life goals. – Stephanie, Writer
  • Kathy’s coaching influences the way that I approach each and every day —  I could hardly ask for more than that! – Elise C., Attorney
  • Kathy helped me achieve my once “impossible” goal of having my own photography studio. She provided me with wise, actionable guidance. I highly recommend her! – Meagan, Photographer

My Story:

I have been where you have…I was overworked, overwhelmed and stuck. I loved being a mom but I really wasn’t doing it in a joyful way. Coaching has been transformative in my life! To learn more about me…CLICK HEREI LOVE teaching the tools I use to help others.

Dates, Details & Topics:

We will meet for 5 Tuesdays: 12 pm to 1:30 pm in Wilmette IL

Dates: 7/24, 7/31, 8/6, 8/14, 8/21

Weekly Topics:

  • Practicing Radical Self Care: You will learn tools beyond eating well, exercise and bubble baths.
  • Connecting to the Real YOU: Creating & Implementing a daily practice for yourself.
  • Decluttering Your Space…and Mind: Learn easy and fun tools to eliminate things that drag your energy and thoughts that do not serve you.
  • Surrounding Yourself with A-Team Players: Exercises to help determine who in your life really, truly supports you and how to surround yourself with more A-Team players.
  • Giving Yourself Treats!! Daily & weekly, just for YOU.

Putting it all Together and Creating an Individualized Plan For YOU!

What We Will Do When We Meet
We will do fun, interactive exercises to help YOU uncover your own path to Real Joy Now. I will be doing individual and group coaching during the workshops. The coaching tools focus on the present and future things in your life. No reading required, but “fun work” when we are not meeting. I love to combine science, spirituality and fun in all of the work I do.

Similar private coaching programs can range in cost from $1,000 to $5,000. (And most of those programs are not “in person.”)

For a limited time, I am offering this program for $650….(2 installment payments allowed, if needed)

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if your life is not WAY better and if you are not more JOYFUL by the end! 


If you would like to learn more…..email me here to schedule a free mini session to see if this program is for YOU!!  Yes!