My Story

My name is Kathy McCabe and I am a Martha Beck-certified life coach who helps clients find more joy, empowerment and purpose in their daily lives. I am a “recovering” lawyer and people-pleaser, a “Work-in-Progress” mom — and an imperfect evolving human. I’m also a small-business entrepreneur. I am thrilled to combine my love of coaching with more than 20 years of professional business experience. The tools I use have helped me positively transform my life and my clients’ lives.

I practiced law for 22 years, (see FAQs) and about 6 years ago, l left an externally successful legal career and I have never looked back. While I was practicing law, I started a small business in real estate which helped me happily leave my legal career. Personal growth and transformation has always been a passion of mine, and over the past 2 decades, (I needed a lot of work!) I completed numerous workshops, seminars and classes which helped me lose many “masks” I used to wear, and drop my former “chronic people pleasing” self. I now live an imperfect evolving life that is much more authentic and joyful!

A couple of years ago, I started running women’s groups and found that I LOVED helping empower women to transform and lead in their lives. These groups inspired me to obtain more training and I enrolled in Martha Beck’s life coach program. I chose Martha Beck’s program as it felt the most authentic and powerful to me, and she used some coaching tools from other teachers I had already extensively studied, like Byron Katie. Now I work with both groups and individuals, mainly women, and the occasional brave man.

One of the things I love most about coaching, is that I have to “practice what I preach.” I apply the same tools to my life as I recommend with my clients.

I am also a married mom of two tweens who are my greatest teachers in patience, love and acceptance. I am a continual student of personal growth and transformation. When I am not coaching or trying to “better” myself (which is an unending project!), I love to hang out with my family, dog, friends and to travel (not always in that order!)

Let’s work together to help YOU find your Real Joy!