Creating More Freedom, Money and Joy…While Doing Less!

Welcome To My In-Person 6 Week Signature Program!

  • Are YOU successful at your career but feel “stuck,” and wondering if there is “more?”
  • Are YOU good at what you do, but know you want to do something else, you are just not sure what? OR,

  • You just want to take it to the “next” level in your career while ENJOYING the rest of your life?

    If you answer YES to any of the above….I have THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!!!

Why Do This With Me?

I am a Certified Life Coach who LOVES helping women create MORE FREEDOM, MONEY & JOY…BY DOING LESS!   

I am also a recovering lawyer, former people pleaser, Work-In-Progress mom and human!I have worked with many professionals to help them advance their careers and achieve their dream goals WHILE finding MORE enjoyment in their family & personal lives.

Happy Clients Have Said:

Kathy is an invaluable business and life coach, work… Kathy’s coaching helped me learn tools to 1) increase my professional confidence and 2) clarify and align my work values so that I was able to identify and obtain my dream job. Most importantly, Kathy provided me with the result I wanted: Her coaching taught me HOW to negotiate and obtain my dream position, allowing me to work in a capacity that fully aligns with my values. I highly recommend Kathy!
— Marny Zimmer, Attorney

Kathy helped me triple my earnings on a consulting project … and has helped me learn specific tools that I use to increase my joy every day! I highly recommend her coaching for anyone who wants to make more money, have more time and enjoy their life more!
— Lorie Y., Consultant

Kathy helped me to realize my true passion, and gave me the confidence I needed to start my own business. I am now doing something I love to do for the first time in my life.
– Anne H., Elder Care Consultant

Through Kathy’s work, I made significant changes to my work and personal life that improved my productivity, happiness and personal sense of being centered and balanced.
– Marie H.

Kathy’s combination of empathy, experience, and insight have greatly improved both my career and my personal relationships.
– Lara Cleary, Attorney and Partner

Kathy has been enormously helpful to me as a mentor and has helped guide me in the right direction towards my professional and life goals.
– Stephanie, Writer

Kathy’s coaching influences the way that I approach each and every day —  I could hardly ask for more than that!
– Elise C., Attorney

Kathy helped me achieve my once “impossible” goal of having my own photography studio. She provided me with wise, actionable guidance. I highly recommend her!
– Meagan, Photographer

My Story:

I have been where you have…Stuck in a job that I was no longer passionate about. Wanting a way out…but not sure what to do or how to do it. Working full-time, part-time, flex time and ALL the time so that I could succeed at work, get promoted and make more money while still trying to enjoy my life and family, but really not enjoying anything. For a long time, I was overworked, overwhelmed, and not succeeding in the way I wanted. I turned these problems around and I:

  • Grew my legal business to over $1 million in client revenues while having true flexibility at work;
  • Advocated and successfully achieved raises and promotions;
  • Established a successful real estate investment business buying, selling and renovating real estate while working at a job I wanted to leave.

My real estate business helped me to happily leave my legal career to spend more time to be with my young children.

One of the things I love most about coaching is that I have to “practice what I preach.” I apply the same tools to my life as I recommend to my clients.

So I LOVE teaching the tools I use to help others.

So If You are Interested in Getting THESE RESULTS:

  • Excelling at YOUR career WHILE enjoying the rest of your life!
  • Increasing your productivity for things that matter to YOU;
  • Being supported in an amazing community of other like minded women;
  • Learn tools to create more confidence in yourself to ASK for more money, flexibility or for more of what YOU want;
  • Improving even your most difficult relationships by learning and practicing easy tool;
  • CLARITY With What You Want to Create and How to Create It–specific exercises and tools to help you define EXACTLY what YOU WANT (not what you think you “SHOULD” Want).

The Details:

A minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 8 starting Saturdays, November 3rd. Cost is $750. If you sign-up by 10/25 you get an additional free coaching session! An Investment in YOU…Priceless!

Here’s what the group entails:

  • 6 weekly 90 minute group coaching sessions—–IN PERSON! There are very few “in person” group coaching groups, and I am thrilled to offer one! (a $1,500 value)
  • 1 “one on one” individual session, during the 6 week program, with me to further define and get support for your goals. (a $175 value)
  • A private Facebook group so that you can receive support throughout the week from me and each other. (Priceless!)
  • Weekly telephone support from me between meetings up to 15 minutes per participant per week. ($450 value)
  • Weekly Topics Where You Will Receive a Short Lesson Before We Meet ($500 Value).

Here are the Topics:

  1. Practicing Radical Self Care. Radical Self Care is the first essential step in excelling in your career and life. Radical self care is not only a gift to you, but to your family, friends, employer & clients. When we take phenomenal care of ourselves, we show up as better partners, parents and  business women. We are able to identify and create exciting goals for ourselves. Radical goes beyond eating well, exercising and manicures. In this lesson, you will learn tips and strategies to take great care of you in every moment. You will receive worksheets to determine your current  level of self care. You will receive checklists for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly self care tips, reminders and goals. 
  2. Goals: Defining, Clarifying and Aligning Your Goals with Your Authentic Self. In this lesson, you will learn tools to identify professional goals that align with your values and make you excited. You will do exercises that help you identify your work values which will help you craft career goals that excite you.
  3. Creating a Mindset That Supports Your Goals. In this lesson you will learn the importance of mindset every day.  You will learn strategies to create the best mindset for your goals each day.  You will learn how your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings drive your behavior.
  4. Increasing Your Confidence to Achieve Your GoalsIn this lesson, you will learn tips and strategies to increase your Confidence. When your Confidence is increased, you can achieve so much more in every area of your life!
  5. Optimizing Work Relationships to Accelerate Your Career. In this lesson you will learn strategies to improve every relationship  at work, even the most difficult subordinate, colleagues, bosses and clients. You will also learn strategies to build new relationships to with your career goals. When you have great professional relationships, you will be able to accelerate your career goals.
  6. Making More Money and/or Creating More Flexibility in Your WorkIn this lesson, you will the best tips and strategies to earn more money and/or create more  time and flexibility in your daily life.

Dates and Times:
This package is on Saturdays beginning November 3, 10-11:30. (11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 12/1 & 12/8, 12/15) Meetings will be in the Wilmette area.

If you would like to do this program individually, please email me

Here’s How To Apply:
Send me an email we will schedule a call to determine if this program is a good fit for you!