Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?

  • Life coaching focuses on your present life and what you want to create now in your life and for your future.
  • Coaching is not therapy. Therapy can be very useful at different times in your life, as it has been for me, but in life coaching we don’t focus much on the past. 
  • In my coaching, I view my role as a facilitator and a teacher of practical tools. I help you find the answers that are within you so you can create what you want, not what I, or anyone else, thinks you want.

Who Do I Work With?

  • I love to work with people who are motivated and are willing to work for positive change in their life.
  • My “typical” client is a successful working mom, and the occasional brave man, who wants more real joy, purpose and success in their lives.
  • I especially love empowering women to lead with their authentic self in all aspects of their lives. 

What Makes My Life Coaching Unique?

1. Training:  

  • Completing Martha Beck’s intensive Life Coaching Training Program. Harvard educated Martha Beck is also informally known as “Oprah’s life coach”
  • Obtaining Life Coach Certification through Martha Beck
  • Over the past two decades, I have completed numerous workshops, seminars, classes and books related to personal development and transformation. Personal transformation is a passion of mine, and I draw upon the many tools and exercises I have learned from fabulous teachers
  • I am a continual student in personal growth and transformation! I am always studying new techniques or tools that I often use with my clients.                   

2. Experience:

  • Leading women’s groups: I have been leading personal development women’s’ groups for over 2 years to help women positively transform their lives. As clients have said, these groups are “amazing,” and “so powerful.” 
  • Business experience: I had an externally successful career as an attorney for 22 years, while simultaneously starting a small business I have run for 15 years. For more details on my work experience, click here
  • My life It is not ‘perfect’ but I have used the tools I teach to positively transform my life. I am definitely a “work in progress” but I do my best to live what I teach.  As clients have said, I am “authentic” and “I live what I am talking about!”
  • Failures! While I have had many of successes in life, I have also had  plenty of failures in business, relationships and parenting! All my failures have helped me enormously in my “training.” They helped me create a life I love and my “third” career in coaching.

3. Fun!
I love to have my clients “play” with the tools I teach. Life is not always “happy,” but I believe that there are many simple tools a person can use that are “so accessible,” as one client says, that you can use to increase your joy.

Why I became a Life Coach:

I LOVE helping people find more joy, empowerment and purpose in their life! I believe it is my true calling to help others positively transform their lives. Small changes can lead to big results. Also, I love life coaching because I have to constantly apply the tools and methods I teach to myself and my two tweens who are my greatest teachers in patience, love and acceptance. My former self was a chronic people pleaser who sacrificed so much of myself so that I could earn others’ approval.

What makes me qualified to be a Business Success Coach?

I practiced law for 22 years, 5 years in government positions and 17 years in a law firm. In the private sector, I became a capital partner, served on the hiring committee, and led a team of attorneys.  By using the tools I teach, I transformed my legal career into more clients, promotions and enjoyment. I coached many colleagues on successful client generation, workplace strategy and on earning more money. I left a successful legal practice as I was no longer passionate about it.  While practicing law, I created a second successful business in real estate, and this allowed me to happily leave my legal career. I have also served in leadership positions in several community groups and non-profit organizations.  In addition to my legal degree, I have a business degree in Organizational Behavior.  

In my opinion, the best business coaching includes overall life coaching, so that your work “fits” your life, not the other way around!

What methods do I use in my coaching?
I use practical, holistic and fun tools to help clients live with more real joy and purpose. I believe strongly in a practice. If you want more of anything: joy, peace, or money — you need a practice, support and a system. I love doing group coaching, as well as “one on one.” I love to combine neuroscience, spirituality, humor and fun in all the work I do. (And for the record, I am not a neuroscientist and have no degree in it, I just find the field fascinating. I believe we can change some ‘wiring’ in our brain with practice!)