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Hello Fabulous Peeps!

I recently finished my free and fun “7-Day Challenge To Create, Not Complain” on Facebook, where I offered daily challenges and video tips on how to change our complaints into definable actions.  

Many of you told me that you didn’t realize how much complaining drained your energy. 

Yes, when something unpleasant happens, there is often a need to vent. 

However, when we stay stuck mentally obsessing or retelling our complaints to others, it sucks the vitality we could otherwise channel into creative projects. And often, others do not want to be around someone who always complains, as it can drain their energy as well.  

Even if you didn’t participate in the challenge, I invite you to see how many times you complain in one day, and to notice how you feel when you do it. 

Just noticing how often we complain can be a very powerful way to jump start our energy.

Here is to Not Whining!  


Kathy McCabe
Master Certified Life & Business Coach

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Take The Challenge To Create! 😄

It is easy to complain about what you don’t like: Your job, another person or the weather.

It is much harder to take responsibility and create change.    

But when we channel the energy we might otherwise use to complain into definable action, our joy automatically increases.  

Here are some examples of clients who changed their complaints into actions:

  • Sienna hired a driver to help with nightly carpools, instead of complaining about how her energy and joy was being sucked away by the non-stop shuttling of her 4 kids.
  • Carol made a concrete plan to be living in a warmer climate within 5 years instead of whining about Chicago weather.
  • Jenni decided to start networking with those working in another industry to explore opportunities instead of complaining about her miserable job. 

All these women are happier because, even though their problems are not completely solved, they took action to change what they were not happy about.  

If you want to increase your joy – take my 7-Day Challenge, starting Monday July 22!

The instructions are simple: Every time you want to complain, stop yourself.

See if there is one action you can take to make a change! 

Join my private Facebook Group HERE to start the challenge and get inspired!!!

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Kathy McCabe
Master Certified Life and Business Coach

What Would Your Best🌟 Self Do?

Do you ever struggle with a decision about what to do in a certain situation? Your mind might be murky and flooded with thoughts like:   

  • “You should do this – no, you should do that.” 
  • “These are the pros, and these are the cons.”
  • “I don’t know what the right decision is!” 

You want to make the “right” decision, but because the situation is not “black-and-white,” you aren’t sure what to do?

Try asking what your best – or higher – self would do!

Like many of us at times, I can feel confused, petty, whiny or fearful about something when making a decision that has no single right answer.   

However, if I take time to ask: What would “the best version of me,” or “my higher self” do in this situation, I often am able to quickly decide.  

To figure out what your “best self” would do, it can help to connect to God, Buddha or the Universe or Yoda 😊– whether that is through prayer, meditation or journaling. This can often help us make a decision that aligns with our true values. 

Stop being confused. Your “best self” knows the answer!

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Kathy McCabe
Master Certified Life & Business Coach

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