Follow Your YES!

I used to analyze every decision I made.

I would list the pros and cons, and I would solicit advice from everyone. I rarely trusted myself.

Thankfully, I have stopped seeking everyone else’s opinion before my own.

When I saw that fashion designer Eileen Fisher was having a conference in New York featuring Gloria Steinem, my whole body tingled and said: “YES! I HAVE to go.” 

Even though I have such great admiration for both women, as did my mother, I didn’t know exactly why I felt such a strong urge to attend that conference. 

Eileen Fisher was an icon in my family growing up. My parents and Eileen’s parents were very good friends. When Eileen first started building her brand, my mom and her mom would travel to New York to visit Eileen as she was working hard on her new business. 

Eileen started her company from nothing. She had passion and vision. My mom talked about Eileen often.  

Eileen attended my mom’s wake in 1992, and that was the last time I saw her – until recently. 

Right before I walked into the conference, I told myself, “My mom is going to be with me.”

After Gloria Steinem spoke, I walked up to Eileen to say hello. She was stunned I was there. Then she said, “I have a picture of your mom on my phone!” 

What? I thought. This famous fashion designer has a picture of my mom – who died decades ago – on her phone?

I burst into tears. At that moment, I felt that my mom was indeed with me, and I knew why I needed to be at that conference. 

Eileen later told me the photo of my mom had been sent to her a few days before. She had been looking for photos of her early days, and did not have that many. The picture was of my mom and Eileen’s parents at one of Eileen’s first trunk shows.  

I am so grateful that I was able to attend this conference. I was able to connect again with Eileen and, in a metaphysical way, with my mom. I understood why I needed to follow my “YES.” Magical things happen when you do.

I am learning to listen – and more importantly, follow – when my whole body says “YES!” 

I invite you to start small. When you notice that your body really, really wants something, how does it feel? Where do you feel it? And when you feel it, are you saying YES to you?   

I’d love to hear!


Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

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Test the Theory of Negativity

Do you ever stop to notice how you feel when you believe a certain thought?  

Do you ever stop to notice what you do when you believe a certain thought?

Believing repeated negative thoughts produce repeated negative outcomes. The opposite is true as well.

My client, “Allison,” was having some challenges with the staff she was managing. Even though she was well qualified and personable, she had the belief that she was not a “good manager.” Her belief was not rooted in any objective evidence.

When Allison believed that she was a lousy manager, she noticed she felt defeated, unmotivated and frozen in her decisions.  Her behavior resulted in limiting her communication, which was very much needed, with her staff on an upcoming project.  Once she became aware of this, she changed her thought, and her ability to manage improved.



Take a moment to notice how you feel when you choose to believe a negative or limiting thought. How is your energy? What do you do?

If certain thoughts make you want to crawl under the covers with a couple bags of cookies, you might want to work on replacing those thoughts.  If other thoughts make you feel energized, try focusing on those, they may help you slow down the aging process.


If you have some negative thoughts that make you feel bad and cause you stress, you might also be causing yourself to age quicker than you wish. According to Nobel Prize winning molecular biologist, Elizabeth Blackburn, chronically viewing things in a negative manner may shorten your telomeres, the part of your cells that cause you to age.  

Skip the botox or hair transplant.
Change your thoughts.

Your attitude matters, and will make you feel better!

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