Are You Future Focused

My client, “Jill,” was elevated to a management position with significant responsibilities and new people reporting to her. Her company had just completed a massive reorganization. 

One of her employees, “Joe,” was unhappy about his new role and he complained about it everytime he saw Jill.  

Jill was frustrated because Joe’s whining was detracting from Jill’s new role and future work for the company. Their meetings would drag on. Little was accomplished as Joe wanted to focus on the past.

Jill created the intention, “I am calm and future-focused.” What that meant for Jill was that when she met with Joe, if he was not focused on future tasks, she planned to reschedule the meeting.

Jill practiced this intention and wrote it several times before every meeting with Joe.

Even better, Jill used this intention in other parts of her life, such as her overall health and wellness.

Jill is now focused on what her “future self” needs each day. 

What does your “future self” need from you today?

I’d love to hear!


Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

Decide On New Beliefs

Have you ever been so tired of wanting to do certain things, but feeling too afraid to actually do them?

Skiing is a perfect example for me. I had been wanting to go, but I was terrified.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve sustained multiple injuries while skiing: dislocating both shoulders, tearing knee cartilage, and hurting my fingers. 

I love the mountains, the sport – and my family loves to ski, too! 

But fear has ruled my decision to avoid skiing for a long time. My thoughts included: “It is so easy to get hurt.” “I am afraid to ski,” or “I am too old.” 

Recently, I decided to conquer my fear of skiing. Over holiday break, my family and I visited Colorado.

I decided I would try to become a good skier while not being ruled by past fears.

First, I took some lessons to re-learn proper techniques.  

Second, I imagined myself skiing well. Then I focused only on good skiers as I rode the chair lift.

Finally, and most importantly, I focused on true thoughts that gave me energy while I skied. Thoughts such as: 

  • “I know how to ski.” 
  • “I trust the skis to do their job.”
  • “Skiing is fun.”

Guess what? I had a very fun time skiing and, miraculously, I was not afraid.

I had plenty of evidence that I had good reason to be afraid, but I don’t want to be ruled by fear in any area of my life.  

Beliefs can be changed if we want them to be changed.

Are there any beliefs that you would like to change?  I’d love to hear!



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How Are YOU So Fabulous?

That was one of the questions we asked each other during lunch at my “EXHALE” Retreat last weekend. 

At first some of the fabulous women found it hard to find ways to say why they were so fabulous. (And there were ALL so fabulous!)

One of the participants, Deb, told me she couldn’t resonate with the word. I told Deb and others to keep asking the question, and you will find an answer.

The next day, Deb she said surprisingly found herself internally saying how FABULOUS and fantastic she is. 

When we ask questions that expand and open us, we come up with answers that excite and motivate us. 

If we ask questions that “beat us up,” like, ‘why haven’t I lost weight or why haven’t I found my purpose?,” we usually feel terrible.

And more importantly, those negative questions typically don’t move us forward.

We are ALL fabulous, each in our own unique ways. 

Keep asking, “How Am I So Fabulous?”   

I’d love to hear how YOU are SO Fabulous!


Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

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