Inspiration…from Maria Shriver!

Here is some inspiration!!

Maria Shriver’s “Sunday Paper” is full of inspiring stories!

She interviews people every week who have “passion and purpose.”  Right up my alley! 😀

Here is last week’s paper:

Follow the links to read and listen to the inspiring stories: A Gold Star Mom, Elizabeth Smart and a male caregiver.

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Have a great weekend!


Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

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THE WINNERS for Local Inspiring Women…and 1 Man!

Before my recent retreat, I held a campaign to VOTE for a woman who inspires you because she helps other women and girls or does work to make our world better.

I couldn’t pick just one woman…So here are the nominations: 

  • Deb Guy of the Women’s Exchange: Deb is the inspiring Executive Director of the Women’s Exchange in Winnetka. The Women’s Exchange offers numerous programs for women to learn, gather, share and grow.
  • Beth Drucker of Go Green Wilmette: Beth is a passionate advocate and founder of Go Green Wilmette whose mission is to raise environmental awareness in the Wilmette community and to inspire residents to take action to make a difference.
  • Anonymous Awesome Mom who Volunteers, Raises a Family and Holds it All Together: This mom, like many of you, does a lot for her community and family, despite personal challenges. She was a guest at my retreat but requested to remain anonymous. Kudos to her for truly taking time for self-care and to create her goals for 2018!

And a couple more I got after the retreat:

  • Clara Tomaz of MakeYourOwnMovie, “has one of the kindest hearts in our community.”  She educates all of us about living and teaching with a disability and has done a fabulous documentary about it. She inspires us all, and does INCREDIBLE work!!
  • Ellen Sternweiler is a mom of 3 special needs kids and she has an online store for kids with special needs.  She is a strong advocate for the disabled, has been elected to the local school board and is a National Commissioner for the Anti-Defamation League. She lives passionately… you go Ellen!

And we know there is more than one inspiring man, but since I received this nomination…I couldn’t agree more:

  • Bill Bucklew is inspiring us all to teach us what it means to live with Parkinson’s Disease. He does so with grace, grit, energy, and courage. Bill is currently walking 2 marathons a DAY across the United States to raise money for Parkinson’s


Great Ted Talk on Responsibility for Your Emotions

According to Dr. Feldman Barrett, Decades of Research Shows We Have More Control over our Emotions than we Thought. Watch this Ted Talk to Learn More!

Dr. Feldman Barrett tells how we can be the architect of our own experiences.

She suggests that if we change the “ingredients” used to make those emotions, we can change many of our own experiences, including influencing our own health.

That’s my experience…And it starts with YOUR thoughts!! Those thoughts drive your emotions.

I’d love to hear what you think! Email me your thoughts!