How Committed Are You?

There is such a difference between wanting something and being fully committed. 

I used to say “I want to do work that I love.” But the truth was, at the time, I wasn’t fully committed. Even though I said I wanted a different job, I didn’t want to spend time and energy working to find such a job for many reasons, including having young kids at the time. 

When I realized I wasn’t committed to making a change at that time, it was freeing. It made me see what I really wanted was to be happier each day.

I decided to take responsibility for my happiness in the moment and not make it all about my job. I put effort into changing my mindset, creating fun things to do everyday, and spending time with people I loved. It worked because I was committed to it. 

Is there any area of your life in which you say you “want” something but you are not 100 percent committed to getting it? 

For example, you might say, “I want to be ‘happier.”

If you are committed to becoming happier, it means focusing your time and energy on that goal – not just saying “I want it.” 

So, ask yourself: On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad do you want whatever it is you want? 

If your answer is less than an 8, recognize that maybe you do not really want it right now. 

The good news is if you simply recognize you are not committed, it can help you clarify what you really, really want right now. It helps you focus on working towards your goal instead of using language that keeps you stuck. 

What is something you want, something you are willing to devote time and energy to? 

I’d love to hear!



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How To Quickly Reach A Goal

Did you ever have something in your life you really wanted to change, but you kept repeating behaviors that didn’t help you reach that goal?  I can think of a few things! 

For example, I’ve had a goal, and still have a goal, of being a “good mom.” 

The definition of being a “good mom” differs, depending on who you ask. And the definition differs for me each day. 

A couple years ago, I realized I was not reaching my goal at being a “good mom” as I found myself frequently yelling at my kids. 

Just like the movie “Groundhog Day,” I was repeating the same unpleasant “day” with my kids, over and over again. When my kids didn’t do what I asked immediately, I yelled at them. Then I felt stressed and angry not only about their behavior, but my own as well.

That’s when I realized I wasn’t applying a powerful coaching tool that had helped me reach other goals in my life.

Intention. Intention is a “determination to act in a certain way.” 

I wasn’t reaching my goal, my definition of a “good mom,” so I created this intention: “I am calm and centered – no matter what.”

I learned to practice “being calm and centered.” I reminded myself of this intention before my kids came home – and especially before homework!
Today, I can say that using this intention – and really practicing it – has helped me parent in a calmer and more centered way. 

Yes, I still yell at my kids sometimes, but it happens less often than it used to because of the intention I created.

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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

Goals, Values and Beliefs

Check out this article in where I am quoted about goals, beliefs, and values:

This article addresses why people may experience distress about their goals. 

While the article focuses mainly on millennials, I think many of its points apply to all of us.   

To avoid goal conflict, your goals need to be aligned with your:

  • authentic self
  • your most-important values and
  • most significantly, your conscious and unconscious beliefs

For example, whenever I make an offer to do a program or group, I make sure my offer aligns with my work values which include, “fun, using my gifts and making a contribution.”

Do your goals match your values & beliefs? I’d love to hear! 



Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

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