Decide On New Beliefs

Have you ever been so tired of wanting to do certain things, but feeling too afraid to actually do them?

Skiing is a perfect example for me. I had been wanting to go, but I was terrified.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve sustained multiple injuries while skiing: dislocating both shoulders, tearing knee cartilage, and hurting my fingers. 

I love the mountains, the sport – and my family loves to ski, too! 

But fear has ruled my decision to avoid skiing for a long time. My thoughts included: “It is so easy to get hurt.” “I am afraid to ski,” or “I am too old.” 

Recently, I decided to conquer my fear of skiing. Over holiday break, my family and I visited Colorado.

I decided I would try to become a good skier while not being ruled by past fears.

First, I took some lessons to re-learn proper techniques.  

Second, I imagined myself skiing well. Then I focused only on good skiers as I rode the chair lift.

Finally, and most importantly, I focused on true thoughts that gave me energy while I skied. Thoughts such as: 

  • “I know how to ski.” 
  • “I trust the skis to do their job.”
  • “Skiing is fun.”

Guess what? I had a very fun time skiing and, miraculously, I was not afraid.

I had plenty of evidence that I had good reason to be afraid, but I don’t want to be ruled by fear in any area of my life.  

Beliefs can be changed if we want them to be changed.

Are there any beliefs that you would like to change?  I’d love to hear!



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How To Quickly Reach A Goal

Did you ever have something in your life you really wanted to change, but you kept repeating behaviors that didn’t help you reach that goal?  I can think of a few things! 

For example, I’ve had a goal, and still have a goal, of being a “good mom.” 

The definition of being a “good mom” differs, depending on who you ask. And the definition differs for me each day. 

A couple years ago, I realized I was not reaching my goal at being a “good mom” as I found myself frequently yelling at my kids. 

Just like the movie “Groundhog Day,” I was repeating the same unpleasant “day” with my kids, over and over again. When my kids didn’t do what I asked immediately, I yelled at them. Then I felt stressed and angry not only about their behavior, but my own as well.

That’s when I realized I wasn’t applying a powerful coaching tool that had helped me reach other goals in my life.

Intention. Intention is a “determination to act in a certain way.” 

I wasn’t reaching my goal, my definition of a “good mom,” so I created this intention: “I am calm and centered – no matter what.”

I learned to practice “being calm and centered.” I reminded myself of this intention before my kids came home – and especially before homework!
Today, I can say that using this intention – and really practicing it – has helped me parent in a calmer and more centered way. 

Yes, I still yell at my kids sometimes, but it happens less often than it used to because of the intention I created.

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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach