Transform Your Life Small Group Coaching Program


  • Are you a busy professional who wants to succeed at work, but unclear as to how to move ahead while not sacrificing your personal life? OR
  • You are a mom who is ready to re-enter the workforce to do work you LOVE while still enjoying a great family life but you may lack the confidence, or unsure of your next steps OR
  • Does your life look externally successful, but wondering why you feel stuck and are not enjoying it more?

If you answered YES to any of the above…I have THE Program for you…….!!!!!

I am a Certified Life Coach who LOVES helping people create what they would LOVE in their life…while getting happier right NOW while doing it! 

I am also a recovering lawyer, former people pleaser, Work-In-Progress mom and human.

I have worked with many professionals to help them advance their careers and achieve their dream goals WHILE finding MORE enjoyment in their family & personal lives.

Happy Clients Have Said:

  • Through Kathy’s work, I made significant changes to my work and personal life that improved my productivity, happiness and personal sense of being centered and balanced.
    – Marie H.
  • Kathy’s combination of empathy, experience, and insight have greatly improved both my career and my personal relationships.
    – Lara Cleary, Partner and Attorney, Hansen & Cleary
  • Kathy has been enormously helpful to me as a mentor and has helped guide me in the right direction towards my professional and life goals.
    – Stephanie, Writer
  • Kathy’s coaching influences the way that I approach each and every day —  I could hardly ask for more than that!
    – Elise C., Attorney
  • Kathy helped me achieve my once “impossible” goal of having my own photography studio. She provided me with wise, actionable guidance. I highly recommend her!
    – Meagan, Photographer
  • “Kathy gave me the confidence and courage to start my elder care consulting business. Without her, it would never have happened. She helped me through the roadblocks and my negative self-talk. I now have a growing business doing what I love, and I couldn’t be happier!
    – Ann, Elder Care Consultant

My Story:

I have been where you have…

Stuck in a job that I was no longer passionate about. Wanting a way out…but not sure what to do or how to do it.

Working full-time, part-time, flex time and ALL the time so that I could succeed at work, get promoted and make more money while still trying to enjoy my life and family, but really not enjoying anything.

For a long time, I was overworked, overwhelmed, and not succeeding in the way I wanted.

I turned these problems around and I:

  • grew my legal business to over $1 million in client revenues while having true flexibility at work;
  • Advocated and successfully achieved raises and promotions;
  • Established a successful real estate investment business buying, selling and renovating real estate while working at a job I wanted to leave.

My real estate business helped me to happily leave my legal career to spend more time to be with my young children.

I loved it for a while…until I became OVERLY involved in my kids and lost myself.

For fun, I started running women’s groups and found that I LOVED helping empower women to lead their lives with more joy, empowerment, and purpose.

So I went through life coach training with the best life coach program and teacher…Martha Beck, a.k.a., Oprah’s Life Coach. I have also recently been accepted into her Master Life Coach Training program.

One of the things I love most about coaching is that I have to “practice what I preach.” I apply the same tools to my life as I recommend to my clients.

Coaching has been transformative for me in so many ways, but most recently here is what using the coaching tools has helped me to:

  • happily quit my nightly glass of wine (or 2!) and NOT feel deprived 😁;
  • calmly deal with a scary diagnosis and surgery…and ALL is well! ;
  • parent in a MUCH calmer way;
  • change my thinking…and as a result, my chronic back pain that I have had for 10 years has DISAPPEARED…now for over a year;
  • have a Wildly Improbable Goal come true…going to South Africa in May with Martha Beck!

So I LOVE teaching the tools I use to help others.

So If You are Interested in Getting THESE RESULTS:

  • CLARITY With What You Want to Create and How to Create It–specific exercises and tools to help you define EXACTLY what YOU WANT (not what you think you “SHOULD” Want).
  • Specific Tools You will Learn to Help You CREATE What YOU WANT–A step by step guide to help you create what You would LOVE in your life.
  • Specific Tools to Help You Manage Your Mind and Feelings that will help you in ALL areas of your life–difficult boss, co-worker or child? You will learn great tools how to handle those “difficult” people with Ease and yes, Joy!
  • Specific Tools to Help you be happier NOW while you are working on creating what you would LOVE—You will Stop Being Stressed about Your “To Dos,” and learn how to Enjoy the NOW.
  • An incredible community of SUPPORT from other AMAZING women–Working in a group is so powerful as you constantly learn from other people’s goals, struggles and how that applies to YOUR life!
  • Weekly support for you to be REAL with your life where you ARE and support to get you where you want to go.

THE DETAILS—A minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 6 starting April 28, 2018. Here’s what it entails:

  1. 10 weekly or bi-weekly 90 minute group coaching sessions—–IN PERSON! There are very few “in person” group coaching groups, and I am thrilled to offer one!
  2. 1 “one on one” individual session, during the 3 month period, with me to further define and get support for your goals. (a $175 value)
  3. A private Facebook group so that you can receive support throughout the week from me and each other. (Priceless!)
  4. Weekly telephone support from me between meetings up to 15 minutes per participant per week. ($450 value)
  5. A Weekly Group 30 minute “Check In” via ZOOM to keep you on track ($150 value ) This call is recorded..If you can’t make it, you can listen later!

DATES AND TIMES: This package starts April 28, 2018 – June 30, 2018 (except 5/26 & 6/2). 10 am – 11:30 am; 2 additional sessions will be added that everyone can agree to.

INVESTMENT in YOU: $1200, which can be payable over 3 months ($400 per month) OR a discount of $100 if pay $1100 if you sign up by 4/15/18.

This package is valued at $3500.00. A professional coaching package similar to this one can range from $3000 to $10,000.

ONLY 6 SPOTS total, and ONLY a few LEFT….APPLY NOW by sending me an email!!!

BONUS: IF YOU SIGN UP by 4/15/18 cost is $366 per month!  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

TIME IS A FACTOR…It will sell out…there are ONLY a few spots left


Since this is limited to just 6 people, I am having people apply. When you send me an email we will schedule a call to determine if this program is a good fit for you.

This small group “Transform Your Life!” IN PERSON coaching package starts April 28, 2018 and runs through June 30, 2018 (excluding 5/25 & 6/1) 10:00 am – 11:30 am in Wilmette; 2 additional sessions will be added that everyone can agree to. If you fully participate, do the work, and your life is not WAY BETTER at the end of 3 months, I will 

This package is for those of you who are committed and serious about creating what you would LOVE in your life! It is ok if you don’t know exactly what you want.

Concerned You Don’t Have Time?  My coaching program is designed to help you focus on what YOU want for your life! When you get really clear on what you want, you create the time for the things most important to you!

I love all coaching, but I find small group coaching to be very powerful for participants as they get energized, motivated, empowered and learn from each other. Coaching has been transformative for me, and many of my clients, and I can’t wait to do this!

Get help in Managing YOUR Brain to Create what you would LOVE!!!