Life Coaching

Individual Life Coaching
I do life coaching in person in the Chicago area, AND via Zoom, Skype and by telephone. Life Coaching provides you with great tools to help YOU create what you would LOVE in your life. I help guide you to find the Real You and help you focus on what brings Real Joy in your life. I offer single sessions, and packages.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute Life Strategy Session HERE to help YOU…no obligation!

Small Group Coaching
Do you feel “blah” about your life? Do you feel you have lost “you” in all of the “busyness” of life? Do you want the support of a great community? These groups are very powerful and fun when doing the work in community with others in a safe, supportive environment. The NEXT small group coaching package is:

Transform Your Life Small Group Coaching Starting SATURDAYS 4/21/18

As happy clients say, my groups:

  • are a “well-run introspective journey for each”
  • will “energize and inspire”
  • are “fun and meaningful sessions”
  • and that I have a “magical gift of bringing people together people who work together and learn from each other.”


Goal & Visioning Workshop
April 7
Come learn in this fun, interactive session some visioning tools that will help YOU create YOUR dream. It could be a big dream or small dream…what is most important is that it is YOURS! No matter what…in 6 months, a year or 3 years…you WILL have results. Find out more…

How To Be Happy Without Changing Everything
April 5
If Your Thinking is…I’ll BE HAPPY WHEN….My kids do or don’t do……My spouse does or doesn’t do….I go on vacation…I get the promotion…I get the new house….And so on…

If any of the above thinking sounds “familiar,” come to this 90 minute workshop to learn some easy ways to change your thinking so that your happiness is not dependent on external factors.

Certified Life “Real Joy” Coach Kathy McCabe will  teach you some simple tools based on the work of Martha Beck and Byron Katie to help change your thinking, which is the first step to increasing your daily happiness.  

You will learn how to apply these easy tools to increase your joy now. If you want to learn how to control or change your children, spouse or others, this is NOT the program for you!

Investment: Priceless!  Cost: $35…Early Bird Registration Cost $25 — Email Kathy to Register!

Business Coaching

Do you Want More from Your Career? More Money, Flexibility or Responsibility? Or Just More Appreciation?
If you answered yes! to any of the above, sign up for my Business Coaching Package Sessions. I have worked full time, part time, and flex time in several positions and I learned how to best make my work fit my life, while earning more money, and increasing my own “joy” at work. I created a second business while transitioning from law. I use professional experience and coaching tools to help my clients do the same.

As happy clients have said:

  • “I know my calling more than ever now!
  • Kathy helped me “take action…as I built a consulting business…she has had a huge impact on my life.”
  • “Kathy’s professional expertise gives her career coaching a distinct advantage.
  • She provided  “wise, actionable guidance,” to help me achieve my once “impossible” goal of having my own photography studio

Schedule a FREE introductory session to see if we are a good fit!  I offer 3, 6 and 12 session packages.

Past Groups, Retreats and Workshops

For over 2 years, Kathy has led several groups helping women find more joy and purpose in their lives. Kathy has also held retreats and workshops…stay tuned for more offerings!