Happy Clients

Stephanie, a Writer says:

Kathy brings light, joy and valuable insights to her work as a life coach. Kathy has been enormously helpful to me as a mentor and has helped guide me in the right direction towards my professional and life goals. She is truly inspiring to work with!”

Elise C., an Attorney says:

I am so grateful that I had the chance to participate in Kathy’s group and individual coaching sessions. Kathy is an open, compassionate and non-judgemental coach.  In her fun and meaningful sessions, I learned new practices and an approach to decision-making that I’ve continued to use long after the sessions ended. In a nutshell, what I took away from Kathy’s coaching influences the way that I approach each and every day —  I could hardly ask for more than that!

Marie H. says:

Kathy’s group is a well-run, introspective journey for each individual participant. She does a fantastic job through her leadership, insight, understanding, guidance and approach to personal and professional goal setting and achievement. Through Kathy’s work I made significant changes to my work and personal life that improved my productivity, happiness and personal sense of being centered and balanced. Even if you are not seeking a concrete end-result, you will be better for the experience with Kathy’s sessions.

Sharon P. says:

Kathy McCabe has a magical gift of bringing people together into a group that can work together and learn from each other, building a feeling of safety. She does this with her energy, curiosity, great story-telling and her gift for healing. One of the unusual things she brings to the table is a history of a successful career in the law. This adds a precision to her thought, and a briskness — just the right amount — to her group classes. She offers examples from her business and her home life to help explain and illustrate. She is a very compassionate listener.

She helps you get out of a thinking rut. She is very encouraging and teaches by example. I highly recommend her classes and coaching sessions. She has helped me to live more fully. Thank you Kathy!

Anna P., an Economist says:

There’s a poem by Mary Oliver with these memorable words: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  Kathy helps you answer this question. Through logic and intuition, individual and group exercises, you uncover insights that move you closer to what you really want from your “one wild and precious life”.  Along the way, you are energized and inspired by Kathy and the groups she assembles.

Megan Van Buiten, an Account Executive says:

Kathy has been an amazing mentor and coach to me and other awesome ladies over the past few months.  I was able to not only receive one on one coaching from Kathy, but she also led us through a guided book on finding Joy.  Through knowing Kathy and participating in her programs and coaching I have been able to integrate daily practices into my life that have allowed me to find more balance, joy, and be able to listen to my inner and higher self. Kathy worked with me on taking risks, be more open to the possibilities around me and has been a major part in both a physical, spiritual, and mental transformation that has taken place in my life.  Kathy has a way of coaching and working with me to really allow my mind and spirit to be more connected and united. Kathy has definitely guided me to find more joy in nearly all areas of my life. I would highly recommend both Kathy’s group sessions and one on one sessions no matter where you are in life.  Kathy can always find ways for any person to learn and grow.  Kathy, thank you for everything!  I look forward to working with you more.

Revi, a Yoga Studio Owner says:

I can’t thank Kathy enough for the past 3 months of joyful journey.

Working with Kathy has expanded my self love, my self worth, self care and I have experienced huge benefits. Life always gives us challenges, but with the tools Kathy teaches her students, combined with her wisdom, knowledge and most of all, authenticity, she helps each person reach a deeper level of personal growth. I know my calling more than ever now! I am following my dreams, no matter what!

Cara G. says:

I was delightfully surprised by how much Kathy’s coaching helped me feel more joyful, centered and present. With Kathy’s help, I learned practical and easy to implement tools to help me shift my thinking and find more balance in every part of my life. I am so glad I said “yes” to myself and chose to work with Kathy!

Nancy Luna,
Founder and Head Thinker of Luna Insight says:

“When I was at a crossroads personally and professionally, Kathy helped my find my way to a happier more focused way of living. She helped me figure out what was important to me, slay a few dragons, and take action as I built a consulting business and brought more love into my life. She has had a huge impact on my life. The smile on my face right now wouldn’t be there if she hadn’t been coaching me!”