“I Tripled My Income … ” 

“I Tripled My Income On A Project…” 

…my client “Rachel”* excitedly told 🎉 me after a recent coaching session. 

Rachel wasn’t planning to ask for a rate increase but decided she deserved one. She had some fears about how her client “John” would react.

Initially, John did not respond well. He was upset and tried to argue over why Rachel shouldn’t receive more money.

Rachel, however, stood her ground.

Not only did John agree to triple Rachel’s income 💰 on a project and increase her compensation on commissions, something else interesting happened.

John had a new respect for Rachel. He told Rachel that by advocating for herself, she had showed John that “Rachel was worth it.”

When We Teach People To Treat Us Better, They Often Respect Us MORE.

Sometimes we need to teach people WHY we are “worth it.”

Whether it is a personal, work or parental relationship, sometimes we need to articulate WHY we should be paid more, work less, enjoy more flexibility or be treated with more respect.

We then need to ASK 📣 specifically for what we want.

Often, when we teach people how to treat us, they will respect us MORE, just like John did with Rachel.

Once You Have Asked For What You Want, Have Your Boundaries Ready.

And once we explain WHY, we need to set boundaries for what is and what is not acceptable.

For example:

  • Rachel was ready for John to say “no,” and she had organized her plan to continue working for him, for a while, but eventually quit.
  • “Becky” was prepared to work from home more and say “no” to extra projects in order to spend more time with her family. She was ready for some “disapproving” looks or comments from her boss and colleagues — and she was ready to look for another job, if needed.
  • “Lauren” was set to leave the room and to remove media privileges if her children yelled or were disrespectful towards her.

How Are You Asking Others To Treat You? 

Take a moment to think about how you want to be treated BETTER in a work or personal relationship.

If needed, explain WHY you should be paid more, or work less, or be treated with more respect.

Then, ASK for exactly what you want.

Be READY for the worst-case scenario… but EXPECT the best!

You may be really surprised.😀

I’d love to hear how you are asking to be treated!

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*P.S.S.S.– “Rachel,” “Becky” and “Lauren” are all REAL clients, with names and details changed!

How To Lock In Habits…According To Science!


Want to know what science says to help YOU with a new habit?

Check out this article from Reader’s Digest:


There are 11 experts providing tips to help you lock in your new habit. The tips include using brain power 🧠 to eliminate old habits before creating new ones, charting your success – and rewarding yourself for small wins 🏆.

I am quoted under “Don’t Go It Alone.”

I’d love to hear if these suggestions help you!

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Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

Did You Take The 5 Day Challenge?

By now, I hope some of you have tried doing some daily journaling by using my “Create A Great Day Tool.” This tool serves as a “prompt” to help you get your thoughts on paper.

As I have seen over and over with myself and clients, journaling a little bit every day helps you understand what runs through your brain.

And remember: What runs through your brain, RUNS your life. 😀

You also should have received Ten Tips For More Real Joy Now as featured in The Mother List. I’d love to hear which tips have helped you the most!!

Finally, THANKS to all who have participated in the 5-Day Challenge!!! 

hope you all tried taking out the words “should” and “can’t” from your vocabulary.  

I know that I practiced better language…. OWNING what I wanted to do or not do, and what I wanted to think or not think about. I’d LOVE to hear how it went for YOU!

As some of you told me, you felt more EMPOWERED in your daily choices!! 

 🎶 YEAH!!  🎶

When we take RESPONSIBILITY for our language

We then take RESPONSIBILITY for our choices

When we take responsibility for our choices, we then take RESPONSIBILITY for our peace, happiness & JOY!

Our JOY is too IMPORTANT to give to someone else – and it DOES NOT depend on someone else!

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Check out more reviews HERE.

In case you missed any of the tools I mention above, I’ve linked to them below!

To A JOY-FILLED and Happy 4th of July! 🎆🎆🎆

Kathy McCabe
Life Coach

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Create A Great Day Tool

10 Tips For Real Joy Now